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The CytoSol Process
CytoSol Biosolvent Marsh Case Study

3 types of marsh plants (Spartina sp., Scirpus sp., & Salicornia sp.) found on the SF Bay estuary, all similar to those found in Louisiana marshes, were used in the Case Study. Plants were obtained from nursery and grown up for a summer under supervision of Department of Fish & Game, OSPR. (Study results were published and will be provided to agencies and scientists on request). Plants oiled with Alaskan Crude Oil simulating a spill from a tanker delivering crude oil to one of 5 large operating refineries on the Bay or up the Sacramento River. Oiled plants allowed to weather. Plants treated with CytoSol vs. Corexit product (Exxon) vs. Control (no treatment). Plant control studies included application of the cleaners directly to 'un-oiled' healthy plants to simulate 'overspray'. All plants were then 'rinsed' with fresh water (simulating water rinsing from skiffs in the field). Plants were evaluated throughout the 9 week study by professional botanists for stem length, budding, and other parameters of health using quantitative measurements and statistical data. Results were published:

McGowan, G.T., Volmar, J., and von Wedel, R. (1997) CytoSol Process: Cleaning Oiled Marsh Plants with a Vegetable-Based BioSolvent, 5th International Conference on the Effects of Oil on Wildlife Proceedings, California Department of Fish and Game, Oil Spill Prevention & Response, Monterey, CA.

Demonstration of CytoSol for Marsh Impact - San Francisco Bay, 11/2007

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