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CytoCulture International, Inc. is an environmental biotechnology firm based in Point Richmond, CA  providing technical consulting and microbiological laboratory research services to support bioremediation and biofuels projects.

The company was founded in 1986 to develop its own proprietary continuous flow bioreactor systems supporting acclimated cultures of aerobic bacteria used to biodegrade a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminants in soil and groundwater.

Currently, we have expanded our environmental microbiological laboratory to investigate in situ biodegradation processes for a wide variety of hydrocarbon and chlorinated contaminants under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Teaming with affiliated environmental engineering firms, both in the United States and internationally, CytoCulture consults on and participates in a wide range of bioremediation services for a variety of clients and situations, from refinery remediation of contaminated groundwater to clean up of oiled shorelines.

As of August 1, 2015, CytoCulture is not accepting lab research samples without prior contractual arrangements.

Key Services

  • Scientific Expertise

  • Technical Support in Shoreline Remediation (Team of Experts)

  • Analytical Laboratory Services, including monitoring microbial populations for biodegradation activity, both aerobic & anaerobic

  • Application Protocols for CytoSol Process as an oil cleaning agent (remove, lift, float) for impacted marshes and shorelines
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CytolSol Biosolvent Process Demo
  CytolSol Dissolving Crude Oil off beach
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Pass a Loutre Oiled Marsh 5-19-10
Oil Emulsion penetrating
marsh cane vegetation
cyto 2.JPG (44419 bytes)   cyto 2.JPG (44419 bytes)
Sampling oil emulsion from
Pass a Loutre Marsh 5-19-10
Oiled Marsh Beach
Remediation Testing 5-19-10
cyto 2.JPG (44419 bytes)   cyto 2.JPG (44419 bytes)
Pass a Loutre Oiled Marsh 5-19-10
Gulf Spill Louisiana

Oil Emulsion penetrating marsh cane vegetation


CytoCulture Lab

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