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The CytoSol Process - Texas A&M Demo

1999 Initial Testing of CytoSol by API, Texas A&M and Texas Environmental Quality Office in wave tanks at the Texas A&M Shoreline Environmental Research Facility (SERF), Corpus Christi, TX.


24b5.jpg (302690 bytes)
Oiled gravel boards in SERF rinsed after CytoSol treatment
with mild wave action within the wave tank system
24b5.jpg (302690 bytes)
Rinsing dissolved weathered crude oil off oiled gravel boards
using ambient temperature sea water
Close up of oiled gravel board BEFORE treatment
as it is lapped by waves from the wave making machine
24b5.jpg (302690 bytes)
Close up of the CytoSol release of oil
from the oiled gravel boards into the water of the wave tank




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