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CytoCulture's Laboratory Services for your Biotreatment Monitoring

Since 1990, CytoCulture has offered laboratory support services for bioremediation projects conducted by other remedial contractors from around the country and overseas. The assays are based on Standard Methods for Waste Water (SMWW) and/or American Standards of Testing and Methodology (ASTM) protocols. These protocols have been used in California to monitor soil/groundwater bioremediation projects under the direct supervision of the Regional Water Quality Control Board in the North Coast, San Francisco Bay, Central Valley and Los Angeles regions. The assays establish bio-available levels of nutrients, ambient pH, and native bacteria population densities. The laboratory has a USDA permit for receiving foreign soil samples, and currently, CytoCulture is working with its own technical advisory board to submit these methods to the California Environmental Technology Program for consideration as novel field monitoring technologies used in in situ bioremediation projects.

Along with laboratory support services, CytoCulture can provide experienced field supervision and/or technical consultation including recommendations on pH adjustment, nutrient enhancement, augmentation with acclimated bacteria, soil biocell design, process monitoring for bioventing sites and other operational procedures for your in situ or ex situ biotreatment process.

Laboratory Service Contacts:

Rachel Dufourt, Microbiology Laboratory Technician

Dr. Randall von Wedel, Principal/Director of Research

Technical Consultation

Dr. Randall von Wedel, Principal/Director of Research



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