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  • Chevron USA Production Co. (Casmalia Oil Field - biotreatability studies)
  • Safeway, Inc. (Oakland, CA) - RAP, lab & 3 in situ remediations, site management
  • Safeway, Inc. (Oakland, CA) - RAP, lab & 3 in situ remediations, site management
  • Fugro-McClelland / S.G.D., Inc. (Ventura, CA) - 4 full scale soil bioremediation sites
  • Norcal Waste Systems, Inc. (San Francisco) - Interim remediation - Los Altos site
  • P.I.E. Nationwide, Inc. (Emeryville terminal) - Groundwater bioremediation system, 15 mo.
  • Union Oil Company (Rodeo, CA refinery) - laboratory and pilot scale biotreatability studies
  • Gibson Oil Co. (Redwood City + Bakersfield, CA) - Bench scale biotreatability: ballast water
  • Certified Engineering, Inc. (San Fran., CA) - 800 cy ex situ soil bioremediation - Livermore
  • Gen-Tech Environmental, Inc. (San Jose, CA) - In situ bioremediation for Santa Clara site
  • Herzog Associates, Inc. (Petaluma, CA) - Technical consulting for US Coast Guard site
  • Aquascience Engineers, Inc. (San Ramon, CA) - Soil bioremediation with soil washing
  • Subsurface Consultants, Inc. (Oakland, CA) - Biotreatability studies, in situ installation
  • The Martin Group, Inc. (Emeryville, CA) - Remedial Action Plan for Emeryville site
  • Sequoia Station Development, Inc. (Sausalito, CA) - Remedial Action Plan for Redwood City
  • Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA) - 10 gpm Groundwater in situ bioremediation
  • PRC Environmental Management, Inc. (S.F., CA) - Pilot scale soil biotreatment design
  • BaseLine Environmental (Petaluma, CA) - in situ remediation at Santa Rosa - Closure
  • Anchor Glass Container / J. Quarle Associates - biotreatability study for San Leandro site
  • Jasco Chemical Co. (Superfund site, Mtn. View) - $20,000 biotreatability study for EPA
  • ICF-Kaiser Engineers, Inc. (San Jose branch) - biotreatability study for San Jose client
  • Pacific Environmental Group / Western Digital - biotreatability study for Puerto Rico site
  • Treadwell & Rollo (Stanely Tool Co.) - Xylene biodegradation study for in situ - Pittsburg
  • Blymyer Engineers, Inc. (Alameda, CA) - Remedial design for biotreatment systems


  • U.S. Navy - Western Division - Moffett & Alameda Air Stations Pilot Scale Designs
  • City of Oxnard, CA - Dept. Public Works & Engineering remediations
  • City of Oakland, CA - Dept. Public Works installations on 98th Ave. remediations
  • Redwood City Redevelopment Agency - Collaborated with Safeway for site remediation

Corporate Associates

  • Fugro West, Inc. (Ventura/San Francisco, plus international offices)
  • Controlled Environmental Services, Inc. (Antioch, CA)

Research Collaborators

  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (Berkeley, CA): Isotope Monitoring Technology
  • Fugro-McClelland (West) Inc. (Ventura, CA): Bioventing Technology
  • Thayer School of Engineering / Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH): Anaerobic systems